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Dumb, dumber, dumb

First impression was positive: a great calendar for selecting dates. But, unlike website, no clear way to select travel preferences (business class, for instance) ... Must be there somewhere but shouldnt have to play detective. Search results for flights lead to a map that takes up 70% of the screen that shows route ...with flights offered squeezed into sidebar. Possibility to sort fly gets but not to inquire about prices for economy plus or business.


Very nice and helpful

Mr R

This review is strictly for the app. Have you noticed that you cant (name your own price)? Ir doesnt work with the app, I have tried tons of times and the message is always... (Name your price is not available for your search right now!)

Help me a lot

This app is fantastic and help me to save a lot of money in my trip. Thank you

The Service is Awful

The app is ok, but the service is awful. They cancelled my reservation with no explanation and took 7 days to return the money. Visa accepted the transaction, AA accepted the reservation and priceline cancelled by themselves. I lost the better price and had to spend 250 dolars more in a new reservation.

It is a nice idea, but...

...unfortunately there are still some bugs in the app which e.g. make it impossible to change the radar settings. Furthermore the prices shown are not really good - at least not in Munich where I tested the app. I could find much better rates online...

App has some bugs, but

I saved more than $120 @ Budget Rent a car / monthly bases! Awesome iPhone deals!

Nice app

Thats exactly ive been looking for

Nice App and very useful!

Nice App and very useful!


Its a cool Deal App. For cars

Its okay...

...could be better.

nice and helpful App.



Nörglig for germany. But Looks cool.


Very Good app




Will nach America XD


One of the worst travel apps / services. Do not use it or give them business. After I used it to travel from AB to BC I noticed on my CC statement a price that was different from the one I confirmed. The problem? They are very sneaky with no currency specifications. Even though I thought I was paying in CAN, they charged me in USD. When I called in, I had to wait for an hr and a half to talk to an less than competent call center in Asia. The staff were not only not skilled in basic customer service, they told me quite frankly that they will not help me and I was SOL. I asked to speak to the manager at the call center and to my dismay, she also refused to help me. Save yourself the stress. AVOID.

More currency please!!

Please add more currency, that would be very helpful!

Rip off!

Well it is easier to just call the hotels and book them at least then you can cancel your reservation if something comes up like what happened to me. We had a reservation for later this week and my son got very ill so we could not travel, called to cancel our hotel reservations and they said we cannot their reservations are non cancelling. Where as the hotel offers a 24 hour cancellation policy. I would not recommend using them to ANYONE.

Crappy app

The app takes you they all the steps to book a room and then doesnt work. Tried multiple times.

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